Resonance. Intimacy. Integration.

How many musicians have experienced what seemed like a surreal, once in a lifetime, transcendental performance... playing and sounding better than they ever dreamed they could.... but they don't know how it happened and have not been able to repeat it since? 

What do the very best players do that others may miss... things most might not believe could make a difference?

Monette Energetics of Performance sessions take you through a systematic series of techniques that top players use - sometimes consciously but more often subconsciously - to achieve peak and even extraordinary levels of performance. 

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"This cosmic Reality is so immense and overwhelming that it is only when we are at our best that we can catch glimpses of it..."

Moshe Feldenkrais

The Elusive Obvious

"Exploring the Energetics of Performance helps us experience these glimpses more often... hold them longer... and expand on the experiences to share with others..."

Dave Monette