Here's Theo from L.A. talking about the new experience he is having playing trumpet right off the CST table at the shop.


This was his first shop visit. He said he was looking for a more effortless time playing trumpet. He apparently found it!


Check out his alignment and body use. This is the way we encourage everyone to play... centered, grounded and connected head to toe! We loved meeting him... and look forward to more with him in the future.

Here is John from San Diego talking about his Energetics of Performance session... and demonstrating his new range up to DOUBLE C!

Here's Jim from Chicago. The goals for his shop visit were CST and Energetics of Performance work, mouthpiece consultation work... and in general he wanted a reality check on coming back to the trumpet after taking the last 30 years off!


Jim said he had never had a strong upper register.  His "ceiling" was a high C that was stuffy and unreliable. 

By the end of his first day, he was playing high F's and G's at will... effortlessly. In this video, he demos his new upper register... and describes his whirlwind 24 hour Portland visit that re-energized his musical life! 

Here are Raz and Rob onstage at Humber College in Toronto talking about their experiences with the Energetics of Performance master class held there in 2017.