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"My work with Dave has changed the way I perceive my body, mind, and spirit. The heightened awareness and enhanced 

efficiency in body that I've gained through this work is something I've looked for my entire life. As the noise of extraneous effort has lessened, a directness of experience has become possible that has allowed me to live closer to my essence. My body, mind, and spirit feel more balanced, fluid, and in-tune. When I'm playing trumpet now, I finally feel like I am the instrument."


Oliver Pratt


Student, Boston Feldenkrais Practitioner Training 

"When I first came in to the shop, I could play up to a high G... but everything above that just stopped. When you told me I would soon be playing to double C, I was highly skeptical. After just an hour of work with you - the elongation of my spine and your coaching on releasing the head and neck - the double C just popped out! It's amazing that such small adjustments make such a 

big difference. Even the double high A is perfectly slotted. Over and over again, these extreme notes are no problem now. It's all effortless! This is amazing!!!" 


John Reynolds

Trumpeter and Music Educator,

San Diego, CA

The time we spent together was one of the highlights of my life! Your patience, kindness and enthusiasm were far beyond my expectation. My new mouthpiece feels great... but what is more important is what I learned from you during my shop visit. I'm looking forward to incorporating the body techniques you showed me. I feel the difference! I'm learning to play with less effort and with a bigger, more open sound!

WIlliam Smith, Ph.D.

Trumpeter, Hypnotherapist

Professional/Personal Coach

Baltimore, MD

"I'm so very appreciative of your taking the time to work with me (at Capitol Records) last week! I am still feeling good and remembering how to sit and stand without pain! I'm trying to get my Dad to do the same. Oh, and thanks for the photo. We look happy and healthy! Thanks again!"  


Dee Askew

Managing Partner

Count Basie Orchestra

"At first we worked on my shoulders, head, neck... and I learned how misalignments and unnecessary head movements were actually choking off my upper register. Then after the table work, I could really feel my hips, legs and feet in a new way. As I walk now, I feel each part of my feet as they come in contact with the floor. I'm standing over my feet in a way that makes standing, walking and  playing when standing even easier. Finally, the guided meditations in spatial awareness helped me connect even more with myself and my surroundings as I play. The high notes just pop out, and I hear and feel more ease, more sound and a greater range of expression as I play. This is so fun!"

Arnold Hammerschlag



The greatest trumpet maker in the world, Dave Monette..."

"Watching Dave's development as a trumpet maker has made me strive for another level of development as a trumpet player. I want to live up to playing his horns."

Wynton Marsalis

Artistic Director and Founder

Jazz at Lincoln Center

"The time and patience you spent in working with me has resulted in profound physical, emotional and even spiritual change. On the physical side, the table work, stretching, alignment, release of tension and breathing yielded almost instant change."


"On the psychological side, expectations, negative reinforcement, criticism, and fear of failure are some of the ‘layers of the onion’ of the life we experience. Your guidance in walking me through removing some of these ‘layers’ allowed me to positively perceive myself relative to the space I was occupying. The concept that a performer is essentially endeavoring to ‘fill’ the space (concert hall, studio, club, etc.) with his/her presence is a new one to me." 


"I feel lighter and more at peace with myself. My wife, children, and bandmates have all remarked on a noticeable change in my attitude, my sound coming out my horn, my enthusiasm... even strangers smile and engage me in conversation which was previously a rare occurrence."

"My heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to you David, for making my pilgrimage to the Pacific Northwest a remarkable and memorable event in my life."

Christopher Alsdorf


New York State

Incredible Dave! Just reading this new webpage helps remind me of all the things /tips you said to me! There's not a day going by without thinking about the meditations, posture, alignment... Of course, the instrument itself helps too :-)  Greetings from Belgium!

Jeroen Van Malderen

Trumpeter and Music Educator


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