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Energetics of Performance is the exploration of how to better connect with ourselves and others. It is an ongoing study in our potential for resonance, integration and intimacy in communication.

As we expand our awareness both outward and inward, we become a better conduit for creative expression. This serves not only us... but everyone we meet.

In Energetics of Performance, we use a variety of techniques to consciously reconnect parts of ourselves we may have lost, forgotten or not fully realized. This work includes addressing how physical, mental and emotional aspects of our larger self can recombine to bring more music and joy into our world.


When working with musicians, we combine Craniosacral Therapy, breath and alignment work, meditation and visualization techniques, neuromuscular re-education and emotional integration to help players better connect with their audience... and themselves.  






In the last five years, Dave has spent over 1,000 hours studying Craniosacral Therapy, Zero Balancing, the teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais and anatomy. He has recently been certified in Craniosacral Therapy by the Carol Gray Center for Craniosacral Studies. These ongoing studies help him assist his clients in identifying and releasing old patterns of misalignment, constriction, and muscular/emotional holding which can inhibit performance.

Dave Monette has taught meditation and Kundalini Yoga for over thirty years. He has given clinics and masterclasses for musicians on four continents. Dave has given presentations to non-musical groups as well, including the Materials Research Society, the Society of North American Goldsmiths, the Adidas Industrial Design Team, the Nike Annual Designers Conference and the American Physical Society. 

The Monette trumpet shop employs eight employees - all former Monette clients - making state-of-the-art custom brass instruments for an international clientele. Top brass players Monette has worked with over the years include Wynton Marsalis, Maynard Ferguson, Charles Schlueter, Adolph Herseth, Maurice Andre, Doc Severinsen, Terence Blanchard and Art Farmer. Dave has been the subject of feature articles in the Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic Monthly and Industrial Design Magazine. He and his team have been featured in two national PBS television specials. 


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